About Us

Globally today, around 1.2 bn people still live without access to electricity, almost as many as there were when Thomas Edison lit his first light bulb. More than 600 million of those live in sub-Saharan Africa, home to the world’s lowest national electrification rates. This number is currently growing at +2% CAGR, and is expected to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.
Rural populations are still using inefficient, unsustainable, unhealthy, expensive, and potentially lethal ways to source the energy they need (e.g. kerosene, candles, battery torches). The vast majority of these people in question earn less than $10 per day (<$3650 per year).
In 2014 alone, it is estimated that African citizens spent $17 billion on off-grid lighting (>$14bn), and mobile phone charging (>$2bn).
Businesses are currently trying to tackle the ‘low-electrification’ problem by adapting their business models and tailoring solutions to fit the needs and capabilities of the people in those regions of the world.

 In fact, in 2015 emerging economies have attracted more clean energy investments than OECD nations (BNEF, 2016).

AKSis Energy came to life in 2017, when its co-founders decided to join forces in order to help alleviate energy poverty in Africa using affordable, clean, and reliable energy that is readily available: The Sun.
AKSis Energy is a social business, operating in the electricity access field.

AKSis Energy's business model and value proposition satisfy the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) approach, which aligns its operations with all stakeholders.
AKSis Energy uses small scale solar photovoltaic panels, batteries as well as high quality, globally renowned and certified technology and software supplied by its partners to provide affordable energy solutions to people living in rural and typically impoverished areas of Cameroon. The AKSis ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, offering energy as a service, relies on the developed mobile payment infrastructure in the sub-Saharan region to collect payments from its customers who pay a pre-set, fixed fee over an agreed engagement period. 

Eventually, after this period elapses, the system is transferred to the customer who is then capable of generating their own electricity ‘free’ of charge.
     Meet The Team   ​​
Adel holds a bachelor of mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut, and a MSc in Sustainable Development management from HEC Paris. He has also completed studies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway.

Before starting his journey as an entrepreneur and co-founding AKSis Energy, Adel held positions at the UNDP, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, as well as the UK Green Investment Bank working across different domains of the renewable energy world.

Adel’s experience in economics, finance, and management in the renewable energy sector is driven by the desire to change the conventional way of accessing power in impoverished geographies, benefit people living in harsh conditions, and have a positive impact on the environment, which naturally led his decision to co-found AKSis Energy.
Co-founder & CEO
"AKSis Energy's work was made possible due to technological advancements in the sectors of telecommunication, solar energy, battery storage, and mobile banking.

Our aim at AKSis is to be able to put those advancements to use to empower the rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, and save the environment by creating a decentralized energy access model."
                                  - Adel
Samir holds a bachelor degree in Business management with a focus in Marketing from the Lebanese American University of Beirut. He is an alumnus of the SDA Bocconi MBA program, class of 2014 and has specialized in “Business Strategy and Consultancy” at HEC Paris.

Before deciding to establish AKSis Energy, Samir had worked in sales and marketing for his family business operating in the automotive industry. Upon completing his graduate studies, he worked as a product strategist for Kerakoll S.p.A in Italy, a renowned green building materials manufacturer, after which he started his own venture as an entrepreneur.
Samir’s experience in targeted sales strategies and marketing helps in the implementation of the AKSis Energy sales model.

Samir’s entrepreneurial spirit attracted him to explore the opportunity of tackling the energy access issue and to co-found AKSis Energy.
Samir KHANJI​​
Co-founder & CMO
"AKSis Energy's goal is to overcome the main barriers for people in rural areas to access high quality, clean, and economical energy. The pay as you go solar model brought forward by  AKSis Energy allows this, granting villagers in rural Africa the chance to acquire solar systems on credit, and at favorable terms"

Our Customers

  1. "Thanks to the AKSis Energy system I no longer have to inhale the fumes of the kerosene lamp at night. I am also running a small shop from home, and having light at night means both my clients and I feel safe"
    Julienne Tchakoundi
  2. "I am very satisfied and happy with the AKSis Energy system. My children can watch TV and learn what is happening in the outside world. This way my children can grow up inspired and inspire others too."
    Simon Taah
  3. "I am grateful that AKSis Energy started installing solar systems in our village. My wife and I are able to watch TV when we are back from working in the field. The system is working great, and I am recommending it to other villagers."
    Jacob Etim
  4. "AKSis Energy have installed a system on my home. I live with my grandmother and she is old and has poor eyesight. She can now move around the house safely. I also used to recharge my phone in the village center, which took me hours to do. I can easily do it at home now thanks to AKSis Energy."
    David Nkoulou